Wedding Magic

Why not have a Magician at your Wedding?

When planning your wedding you might need some entertainment at key points where it will be ideal to keep your guests entertained and to add even more fun to your special day.

Your wedding day is likely to be the biggest party you will ever throw for your friends and family so having Steve Dunbar provide some Magic Mayhem is going to be ideal.

Steve would like to think that having a magician at your wedding will be the most memorable type of entertainment you could have.

Steve Dunbar will spend time with you to create a bespoke experience for your special day.

You have just married your partner and have made your way into the gardens where friends and family are waiting to congratulate you. With some guests unfamiliar with one another, Steve can perform close-up magic to bring friends and family together, the ultimate ice-breaker.

The photographer has started the photo shoot but for those not involved this is not so much fun for them. At this point Steve can mix and mingle with guests and keep them entertained.

Why not add Magic Mayhem to the wedding breakfast with a close up magic performance. Magic between courses creates a relaxed environment and generates a lot of fun where guests are left wondering “how on earth did he do that?!” Not only does this get your guests exciting but talking – the perfect icebreaker.

See Steve Dunbar in action…

How to make the most of your Wedding Magician

Your wedding day is not only the most magical day of your life, but also a memorable day where your friends and family are joined together to celebrate your new marriage to your partner. With the average wedding starting around midday and ending at midnight, it is important to insure your guests stay entertained throughout the day.

You can use Steve at key points during the day to fill potential empty moments, such as:

  • during the photo shoot
  • at the wedding breakfast
  • as the evening guests arrive

Alternatively Steve can provide constant entertainment throughout the day.

Steve can cater for any requirements and basically perform at various points throughout the day, as and when needed, therefore allowing everyone to get the Magic Mayhem experience and ensure that your special day is full of fun and entertainment from the very start to when everyone has to go home.