Corporate Magic

Why not have a Magician at your Corporate Event?

Whether you are organising a conference, awards ceremony, networking event, a ball or supporting a trade show, why not add some Corporate Magic & Mayhem that will thrill the entire audience with a mix of close-up, stage and mind magic.

This event may be pivotal for your business so having Steve Dunbar provide some Magic & Mayhem is going to be ideal. Leave your guests or attendees in awe and mess with their heads with his mind boggling magic!

Steve would like to think that having a magician at your event will be the most memorable type of entertainment you could have.

Steve Dunbar will spend time with you to create a bespoke experience for your special day.

You have a stand at a trade show and you need to encourage people to stop and talk to you. Steve with his close-up magic will bring prospective customers to you, provide that necessary ‘ice breaker’ and allow you to engage with them. Perfect! Your prospective new customer will never forget how they met you and you will talk about it for years to come.

Your guests are arriving at your network event. Some will not know others but with help of Steve and his close-up magic mayhem, your guests will be brought together to amaze over his brain bending feats of genius and start to talk and therefore network with each other. Steve mixing and mingling with your guests will keep them entertained and kick start the whole event. What a great way to encourage the inevitable, which can be all so easy for some but not for so many others.

The guests are arriving at the ball and gathering at the bar but most people are strangers to each other. Why not add Magic & Mayhem to the gathering with a close-up magic performance by Steve. He will mix and mingle with your guests and keep them entertained. Once sat at the table magic between courses creates a relaxed environment and generates a lot of fun where guests are left wondering “how on earth did he do that?!” Not only does this get your guests exciting but talking – the perfect icebreaker.

See Steve Dunbar in action…

How to make the most of your Corporate Event

Your corporate event needs to be a success, but also a memorable day where your guests have a truly memorable time, remembering both the purpose of the event and the magic that it brought them. Every event needs an ice-breaker and entertainment.

You can use Steve at key points during the event to fill potential empty moments, such as:

  • when the guests arrive
  • as a precursor, follow up or part of the presentation
  • during the meal or whilst canopes are being served

Alternatively Steve can provide constant entertainment throughout the event.

Steve can cater for any requirements and basically perform at various points throughout the event, as and when needed, therefore allowing everyone to get the Magic Mayhem experience and ensure that your special day is full of fun and entertainment from the very start to its end.